Weekend Roundup: July 8

Hope everyone had a great 4th! Now that we're back, let's get this whiskey knowledge train back on the tracks.

--The Daily Beast, on the main source of many craft rye whiskies you'll find state-side: Canada. Specifically, Alberta, where they've been making great rye for years. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/06/28/your-local-craft-whiskey-may-really-be-from-canada.html

--On the Pattison Crash the decade after the 1896 bankruptcy of Scotch whisky speculator Pattison, Elder, by the Whiskey Wash http://buff.ly/2944eS4

--On proofing down whiskey (adding water to it) to achieve consistent flavor profiles and avoid saponification (water bringing out fats from suspension and creating a soapy taste), by the Whiskey Wash

--And in case you missed it on Crafted with Characters, we cover a similar topic in: Whisk(e)y: Neat, with water, or on the rocks? http://bit.ly/neat-or-water

--We also discuss the history behind the whiskey (with an "e") vs. whisky (with the "e") debate here: http://bit.ly/e-or-no-e

--On the re-emergence of artfully blended whiskey, including craft pioneer High West's Bourye, from Bloomberg http://buff.ly/29dyD1y

--Tastebuds & whiskey, WFPL on the differences in the way that women and men taste whiskey: “Pikesville Rye...topped the women’s chart...Elijah Craig...was the men's pick” http://buff.ly/29gYbIZ