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A fine schematic of our production system

Artwork by Aaron Fu.

Artwork by Aaron Fu.


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From grain to glass, the process of making whiskey is all here


The process in a nut shell

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Our twin pot still production process for craft whiskey & brandy involves 4 steps:

(1) mashing - heating the grains to activate enzymes that break down the starches in the grains to simple sugars.

(2) fermenting - pitching yeast into our fermenters to convert the simple sugars from the mashing process into ethyl alcohol. During this stage, acids, aldehydes, and other molecules that give whiskey its final flavor develop as a byproduct of the yeast's activity.

(3) distilling - transferring to our wash still the fermented "distiller's beer" (as the 5-10% alcohol content liquid is called when it is done fermenting), heating the distiller's beer until the ethyl alcohol boils off, and transferring the boiled-off ethyl alcohol (around 25% alcohol by volume) into our spirit still for a second, refining distillation.

(4) maturation - transferring the whiskey fresh off the spirit still into oak barrels for aging to perfection.