Weekend Roundup: July 15

--A jaunt through Islay & the history of its formation & whisky distilleries by The Guardian: http://buff.ly/29XoR21

--An interesting new rice whiskey by the name of Kikori. The NY Times says it has hints of ginger: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/06/dining/kikori-whiskey.html?_r=0

--What does a red-oak-smoked corn malt whiskey taste like? Apparently, somewhat like BBQ, or the perfect aperitif to it. http://thewhiskeywash.com/american-whiskey/whiskey-review-revelations/

--Americans are becoming more experimental in their Scotch selections - a good sign for American single malts, from Fortune Magazine http://buff.ly/29FqXYU

--From Popular Science: What Does The Deadly Oak Epidemic Mean For Whiskey? There's a deadly disease affecting oaks of California and the Pacific Northwest. As a distant cousin of the disease that cause the Irish Potato Famine, it's not new, but it's spreading and means business. http://buff.ly/29SoSbz

--On American single malt whiskey, including the superb Old Potrero rye malt by Anchor Spirits. Which reminds us, we've got a rye malt on the way, due out next year. http://buff.ly/29S9edC