Druid Hill Irish-Style Whiskey

Druid Hill Irish-Style Whiskey

A delicious, Irish-style whiskey, triple-distilled from a combination of malted and unmalted barley grown by a 6th Generation family farm in County Louth, Ireland.

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ASW Distillery - Atlanta's hometown craft bourbon rye malt whiskey distillery - Druid Hill Irish-Style Whiskey

We've crafted Druid Hill in the old Irish tradition with 30% unmalted barley (an innovation originally developed to avoid taxes on malt) and 70% malted barley grown by Loughran's Malt, a 6th Generation family farm in County Louth, Ireland, at the foot of the Cooley Mountains near Dublin.

Just a stone's throw from our distillery, amid the Piedmont's oak-studded slopes, lies Druid Hills, an idyllic area from whence this whiskey takes its name, a nod to the decades that the Druids of Celtic Ireland and our Head Distiller both spent mastering the ancient art of whiskey-making. 

Tasting Notes: Chocolate chip cookie dough, fig preserves, honey.

Awards: Too new to have submitted for any.

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