Fiddler Bourbon

ASW Distillery - Atlanta's hometown craft bourbon whiskey distillery - Fiddler wheated bourbon

With more than double the wheat content of other “wheated” bourbons, Fiddler’s distinctive grain bill makes it one of the most unique bourbons on the market. A perfect combination of corn, wheat and barley unite to create a smooth, soft bourbon that can be enjoyed by both the whiskey novice and enthusiast. Fiddler started its journey in new 53 gallon barrels and is then finished in-house using an assortment of methods, more specifically described on the label of each release.

Releases include:

  • Fiddler Original Bourbon (Release 1; finished in 15-gallon quarter casks)
  • Fiddler Georgia Heartwood Bourbon (Releases 2-5; finished with staves of white oak heartwood that we harvested in Jackson County, Georgia, seasoned for over a year, and hand-charred)
  • Fiddler Wheated Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Release 6 & 7; Atlanta’s first straight bourbon since Prohibition)
  • Fiddler Unison Bourbon (Beginning with release 8-present; married with our own in-house bourbon stocks that we distilled on our traditional, Scottish-style copper pot stills using corn from Ranger, Georgia’s Riverview Farms).

In addition to the double-copper-pot-distilled bourbon, rye & malt whiskies, plus seasonal fruit brandies using local Georgia produce that ASW Distillery produces in-house, the ASW team created Fiddler as a line to showcase interesting and difficult to obtain whiskey from across the country and eventually around the world.

Tasting notes: Graham cracker, salted caramel, citrus, nutmeg.

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