At ASW Distillery, we make only things we like to drink using a method wholly unique to modern whiskey production: combining traditional, Scottish-style copper pot stills with the Appalachian innovation of grain-in distillation. (Our method is so unique that our grain requirements once broke our malt-house's mill.)

We've long held that much remains uncharted in the world of whiskey -- and spirits more generally -- and our tasting room's shelves provide a testament to this fact. With more than 15 years' experience as our guide, we've pioneered a host of world-class spirits for your sipping pleasure:

  • The World's 1st High-Wheat + High-Malt Bourbon (Fiddler Unison)
  • The World's 1st Whiskey Finished on Georgia Oak (Fiddler Georgia Heartwood)
  • The World's 1st Double Malt Distilled from Two Different Malted Grains (Duality Double Malt)
  • The World's 1st Quadruple Malt Distilled from Four Different Malted Grains (The Crossing Quadruple Malt)
  • One of the World's Only Ryes Distilled from 100% Malted Rye (Resurgens Rye)
  • One of the World's 1st Whiskies with Full Transparency into Production Methods (Ameireaganach Single Malt Whiskey)
  • Georgia's 1st Legal Apple Brandy since Prohibition (Armour & Oak Apple Brandy)

In this whiskey expedition of ours, we support fellow pioneers wherever we can, using local Georgia corn, apples, and oak as often as our methods allow. What we can't source locally, we do as much in-house as possible -- everything from our label design to milling our bourbon's smoked malts on-site. All from a team no larger than the number of Wonders in the World, a team that lives, dreams, and breathes whiskey. (And, after lunch, fire. We're hot sauce enthusiasts, after all.)

To distill spirits is to enjoy the privilege of continuing a tradition born in the Middle Ages and perfected tirelessly throughout the centuries by monks, moonshiners, and master distillers. Yet much is left to be discovered. We'll stop at nothing less than exploring the uncharted waters remaining in this timeless craft of whiskey distillation.

We hope that you'll share our journey with us both at home, on the dusty trail, and at our ASW Distillery tasting room any Friday from 4:30-8pm or Saturday 12-5pm. And recruit friends to join as well -- spirits are a great thing to share. To do so is to support local, innovative, handcrafted, Southern spirits.

Thank you very much for your support!

-The ASW Team