Our mission


Do what you love

We live by the creed Do what you love. Though we've tried other spirits, we find ourselves returning time and again to whiskey and brandy. This is why we devote all our efforts to them. We believe that only by doing what you love can you truly create a work of art that - without a doubt - can be described as Crafted with Character.

Worthwhile endeavors require effort

Over the years, we've found that we value most what has taken substantial effort to achieve. True to form, our chosen path as whiskey and brandy purists has not been easy. Our first product, American Spirit Whiskey - though a smooth, clear, cocktail-friendly whiskey - is not familiar to many at first. But we have remained committed to providing folks with a delicious, smooth-sipping alternative to vodka and have tirelessly worked to spread the word.

Honor tradition, embrace innovation

To distill spirits is to continue a tradition born in the Middle Ages and perfected tirelessly throughout the centuries by monks, moonshiners, and master distillers. At its most basic, the science of distillation requires only water, yeast, flame, and grain (or, in the case of brandy, fruit). But the art of distillation requires much more: patience, tenacity, innovation. We believe much remains uncharted in the craft of distilling spirits - new grain profiles, new distillation and aging techniques, new flavors, and ultimately, entirely new experiences for those who enjoy a dram. By constantly re-evaluating traditional methods, we hope to contribute in some small way to the discoveries that await.

The Distillery was the original startup, and with us, we hope to keep the innovation flowing.