Weekend roundup: June 10

--Given that our stills can, by design, only make whiskey, brandy, and rum, we thought we'd weigh in on whether ‪#‎rum‬ is the next ‪#‎bourbon‬, a question that we've gotten quite a lot recently. http://buff.ly/1PhfPK6

--Long before Jack Fire, we had An Dram Buideach - Vine Pair's primer on the original flavored whisky: Drambuie http://buff.ly/24u8tK7

--Piece on a top-shelf #bourbon of yore, Old Crow. Some of their old barrel racks line our distillery by The Whiskey Wash http://buff.ly/213R3Ds

--The birth, death, and rebirth of tiki bars, by The Daily Beast: http://buff.ly/1PhgD1y

--The Rise of Bourbon: Hotels Are Jumping in Full Barrel, by US News http://buff.ly/1tmG4uv ...We've certainly found this to be the case in Atlanta.

--Want to invest in whiskey? Soon, you'll be able to through a whiskey Exchange Traded Fund. http://www.businessinsider.com/whiskey-etf-2016-6