Resurgens Rye

ASW Distillery - Atlanta's hometown craft bourbon rye malt whiskey distillery - Resurgens Rye white background with silver medal for website.jpg

In distilling Atlanta's first rye since Prohibition on its traditional, Scottish-style twin copper pot stills, we took our cue from Atlanta's vibrant craft brewing community to explore new, unique whiskey styles largely ignored by large distilleries. Rye is one of Georgia's traditional grains, and we feature it front and center in Resurgens, crafting Resurgens Rye from 100% malted rye, to create a flavorful whiskey that showcases rye’s potential. We at ASW Distillery aged Resurgens Rye in new, charred American white oak casks, balancing the dryness of the rye with sweetness from the barrel to create an exceptional whiskey, unique to Atlanta. We also release a Port-Cask-Finished expression of Resurgens once per year.

Rye was long-forgotten after the end of Prohibition, but has recently seen a renaissance. Resurgens is ASW Distillery's own take on this expanding category. It's only fitting that renowned Athens artist David Hale - a direct blood descendant of Basil Hayden, the first person to introduce rye into bourbon recipes - crafted the Resurgens Rye label art.

Tasting notes: Graham cracker, vanilla, pound cake, with subtle touches of green grape, pepper, and a "thin mint" finish (chocolate and mint)

Awards: Silver Medal, 2018, San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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