Armour & Oak Apple Brandy

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Atlanta's first and only apple brandy, Armour & Oak is a Georgia orchard apple brandy, made from 100% Mercier Orchards apples, out of Blue Ridge, Georgia.

In Georgia, American oaks and apple orchards abound, steeped in our Appalachian soil and watered by many of our state’s fourteen river basins. Once a year, we partner with these Georgia orchards to distill their delicious cider, then mature the brandy in our own ex-bourbon barrels. Agriculture is our lifeblood, and the resulting twin pot still brandy is our homage to Georgia's agricultural prowess. Our distillery occupies an industrial space near one of Atlanta’s most iconic rail yards, an area that serves as a testament to Atlanta’s origins. Our fair city was, after all, first known as Terminus. We hope you enjoy this, Atlanta’s own apple brandy, and may it remind you - as it does us - of a promising future.

Tasting notes: Apple, toffee, champagne-style dryness on the finish.

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