American Spirit Whiskey

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American Spirit Whiskey is a distinctive and mixable silver whiskey, one of the few spirit whiskies in the world.

It can be sipped on the rocks or used as a substitute in vodka cocktails for added character. Jim Chasteen and Charlie Thompson, longtime friends who met at the University of Georgia, founded American Spirit Whiskey in 2011, decided to put their passion for whiskey to good use. In American Spirit Whiskey, they have created a moderate and mixable silver whiskey that can be used to create unique new cocktails or serve as a high-character substitute for other spirits such as light rum and vodka.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia and bottled outside Charleston, South Carolina, American Spirit Whiskey is made with choice hearts from the finest bourbon-quality “white dog,” ultra-filtered for a refined taste. This revolutionary filtration process removes the bite of typical unaged whiskey, resulting in a spirit with a distinctly premium character. Whether served neat, on the rocks or mixed into an original American cocktail, one thing is clear: American Spirit Whiskey is created to be the world’s most versatile whiskey. 

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, mint, banana nut bread.

Awards: Silver, 2012, Beverage Tasting Institute; Silver, 2015, Spirits of the Americas

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